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Two Tone Skewbald Stallion



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Wayne McEwan has grown up with horses and has been a horse trainer for many years.

He has dealt with a range of horses with varying temperaments; he aims to help both trainers and owners to combat their problems. Call Wayne on 07875 027154 and see how he can transform your horse...


 Horse Training


Wayne provides a range of horse training services throughout the UK, including the following: training problem horses, young horse breaking, retraining racehorses, training for sale or show, personal horse training lessons and training partnerships for competition.

Wayne has a fabulous reputation and has an extremely high success rate. Where most horse trainers have failed, Wayne has not only succeeded but given horses with no future, a future.


How Can Wayne Help?


Wayne works closely with the horse to discover why it's 'playing up'; He can cure the cause of problems, not the symptoms of bad behavior. Wayne uses a range of natural horsemanship techniques combined with others including Western, Australian and traditional British techniques.

While your horse is schooling at Redmarley:

  • you can visit your horse and see how well it's progressing
  • you can reduce your stress levels and relax while we correct with the problem
  • know your horse is safe and in experienced hands - our school area and pen are purpose built and ideal for breaking and bringing on horses
  • learn more about your horse, leading to a more fulfilling relationship
  • understand how to help your horse reach it's potential
You can be assured to gain excellent advice from Wayne himself and his dedicated team. Owners are welcome to visit during the schooling to see their horses progress. We are sure you will be satisfied with the techniques Wayne has to correct your horse and to give it every opportunity to fulfill its potential.

 Coloured Sporthorse Stud


Wayne is dedicated to the breeding and production of sane, sound, user-friendly riding horses. Every breeders aim is to breed the Olympian sport horse however along the journey we aim to breed athletic, trainable horses that are a pleasure to ride. More...